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A New Approach To Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

Most outsourced accountants focus on providing the lowest-cost and lowest-value accounting possible. But we have created a team of true professionals dedicated to their craft, who also happen to offer prices between 50-60% lower than the average US-based bookkeeping company.

As a result, XQTIVE helps you get better results – for much less – than any other bookkeeping company you've worked with before.

Expertise Is In Everything We Do

You could say the "DNA" of XQTIVE is education and highly effective attention to detail. We employ only the best and brightest Filipino accountants, who each are completely fluent in English and possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.

On top of that, our team has 13 years of firsthand experience accounting for a variety of industries: from ecommerce to retail, food manufacturing, and service in countries as diverse as the USA, Canada, UAE, and Philippines.

About Our Founder

Kay Zenneth Jolejole

At XQTIVE, the buck stops with Kay, a fact we are all very grateful for every day.

Kay has a truly outstanding track record and has served as the Financial Controller and Financial Monitor for several national and international companies, including an Italian clothing brand in UAE and the Phillippines' largest corporate-led social development foundation.

She has even advised SME on management strategies and has a truly formidable business mind that can be an asset in your corner.

Our Philosophy

Between our international experience and our education, the team at XQTIVE has truly "seen it all," and we provide above average bookkeeping services that help you see the "big picture" while keeping track of the important details at the same time.

Our goal is to provide financial insight: a type of "X-ray vision" that helps you find the opportunities in your business – and capitalize on them – while maintaining immaculate accounting records at the same time.

When you work with XQTIVE, you'll always have peace of mind knowing you are ready for an audit on one hand, while being able to make effective business decisions without delay on the other.

And it is this two-pronged approach, combined with our economical and fair pricing model, which makes XQTIVE truly one of a kind.

XQTIVE will save you even more money...