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Affordable Expertise & Accuracy

We help small business owners and executives like you make high caliber decisions by providing top notch bookkeeping expertise without the exorbitant price tag.

You'll be able to gain "X-ray vision" through your business to see exactly where your opportunities are, without putting a strain on your budget.

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Our Mission

Enhanced Financial Insight

If you are looking for an outsourced bookkeeping service that saves you money, without sacrificing quality -- then you'll be happy to learn I founded this business to do much more than just crunch numbers.

Of course, you already know the value of having an accounting team who keeps your books in perfect order -- so you can do what YOU do best without worrying about the accounting.

But at XQTIVE, our goal is not just to provide you with immaculate books, but to actually help you have financial insight -- deep knowledge and understanding of your business that helps you make the best decisions.

So many business owners we've personally worked with struggle to get a handle on their finances at an affordable price. Let us "blow away the smoke" and show you what's really going on "behind the scenes" -- it can be a wonderful experience!

Kay Jolejole, Manager & Founder

Not Just Another Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

XQTIVE bookkeepers each bring a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to the table. Unlike cookie-cutter "data entry" bookkeeping teams you might hire elsewhere, XQTIVE employs ONLY professionals with Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.

With over 13 years of experience in many different industries (sometimes working with national companies), working with XQTIVE ensures you get top quality at an exceptional value.


More Than Data Entry…

Professional Services


We set up and maintain proper accounting systems in your business (receipt management, accounts receivable and payable management, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation)

Understand ROI

We help you understand the ROI of any decision you make


We can give you a "snapshot" of the financial status of your business


We help you understand cash flow with a complete report any time

Track Performance

We help you create an income statement to evaluate your performance

Data Migration

We help you migrate your accounting data from other systems (QB Desktop, Xero, Zoho, Deltek Vantagepoint, etc) to Quickbooks Online.

Get all the expertise of a seasoned remote book keeper, for 50-60% less!

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